Secured Investment


Close business relationships with the world’s premier diamond mining companies enables Securex to assure clients a regular and unrivalled supply of rough diamonds well into the future.

The uncut procurement and polished diamond divisions are in continuous, open communication, enabling us to tailor procurement as much as possible to the demands of customers at the time. 

Depending on our own needs in polished stones, we trade the rough that will not be sent for manufacturing.


To preserve high standards and reputation, we are extremely careful with the procurement of every rough diamond that is purchased. 

Securex diamonds are conflict-free origin and have been sourced from countries that are participant in the Kimberley Process.

Require suppliers to propose only diamonds that have been procured through a conflict-free process and from sources that adhere to standards of human rights.

Securex and its alliance entities sell parcels of rough diamonds sourced either from mining companies or from the open market. These are sorted and sold through our business alliance entities.

Our extensive range of rough diamonds includes:






We offer free international shipping to all legal destinations directly to buyer's address along ‎with Kimberley certification.‎ International shipping takes 3-5 business days.‎

Once we accept payment by bank transfer we ship our diamonds on the next business day ‎with secured and insured shipping companies Brinks or Malca-amit.‎